Sunday, November 3, 2013

Three Tips On Getting the Most Out of Your Photo Booth Rental

Photo booths continue to be popular at all kinds of events and celebrations, and who doesn’t love taking pictures in a photo booth? So here are the top three ways that you can maximize your photo booth experience.

TIP #1: Stand close to the camera, but not too close. Standing close to the camera will fill up the frame for close-up, more detailed pictures. However, being too close may cause the pictures to be blurry or distorted. Usually the photo booth attendant will mark a spot on the floor, between the backdrop and camera, indicating the ideal spot to stand before taking the picture. Be sure to take note of this spot and stay as close as possible to the area indicated for the perfect picture.

TIP #2: Strike a pose. The photo booth is set up to take several pictures back-to-back with only a few seconds in between each picture. Most people like to be spontaneous and make silly faces and spur-of- the-moment poses, which is perfectly fine, however, it is recommended that you strike a pose and hold it as the countdown nears the last few seconds before the picture is taken. This will prevent the pictures from coming out blurry.

Also, if using props, it is best to have them pre-selected before entering into the photo booth. Once the start button has been pushed, the photo booth begins taking pictures nonstop until the photo session is completed, leaving very little time to enter and exit the booth before the next picture is snapped. Rental of a photo booth from Press Pose & Print Photo Booths includes an on-site attendant who will happily assist with quick prop changes as necessary so you can strike the perfect pose with the perfect prop.

TIP #3: Have Fun: The whole purpose of having an open-air photo booth at an event is for the guests to have fun, so don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. If you feel the urge to make a silly face, don’t be shy, make it.  Guests not in the photo booth are drawn in by watching the fun and exciting poses of those in front of the camera and encourages others to be just as spontaneous. Spontaneous pictures make fabulous keepsakes for years to come.

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