Saturday, November 23, 2013

How to Be More Photogenic In a Photo Booth

Everyone loves to have fun in a photo booth. Admittedly, there are many challenges to taking fantastic pictures in the photo booth, however, we at PressPose & Print Photo Booths, have a few simple techniques that can help anyone be more photogenic in their photo booth pictures.

TIP #1: Turn Away

No doubt everyone has a feature or two that they do not like about themselves.  Be confident and recognize that these features are what make each individual unique. As a quick fix to taking photogenic pictures with your least favorite features we recommend that you play them down simply by turning this area away from the camera.

TIP #2: Work Your Assets

Just like everyone has features that they don’t like about themselves, many people have features that they absolutely love. Maybe long dark eyelashes, perfectly arched eyebrows, or even a well-placed beauty mark. These are the features that should be pointed toward the camera.

TIP #3: Tilt Your Face
If you have a fuller face that you want to appear slimmer, tilt your face slightly to the side to help slim down the face.
TIP #4: Lean In
Most photogenic people will lean toward the camera head first to give the illusion of a lean body.
These four tips, if followed, will help you produce more photogenic pictures in the photo booth.  For more information on photo booth rentals, please visit


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