Sunday, November 17, 2013

Capture Precious Moments At Your Wedding By Renting An Open Air Photo Booth

Photo booth rentals continue to be a hot trend at wedding receptions and are continuing to increase in popularity.  What is an advantage of having an open-air photo booth at your wedding reception?  What are some add-ons that can enhance the rental?  Read on.

Many brides and grooms rent photo booths to add a unique, memorable flair to their special day.  Open air photo booths occupy less space than traditional photo booths, which makes it possible for them to be used virtually anywhere--all without compromising the quality of the photos.

Renting a photo booth is surprisingly very affordable, more affordable than most people think.  Typically wedding receptions are around 4 hours long but a photo booth may only be needed for a span of 2 hours, depending on the number of guests.  When properly planned, a 2-hour photo booth rental fits nicely in the wedding reception timeline, especially if the wedding reception has 150 guests or less. Setup and break down of the photo booth should not interfere with or detract from the wedding reception.  Setup of an open air photo booth generally takes less than an hour and breakdown is equally as fast. Often times, there is no additional charge for setup or breakdown.

Guests can take as many photos as they wish, with the choice of black & white or color photos.  And everyone in the photo can walk away with a copy of the print.  Not only do guests get to walk away with their picture that night, but the newlyweds have the option of purchasing a thumb drive or an online photo gallery, which will allow the pictures to be viewed via computer.  That way the couple and/or their guests can print out as many copies of their favorite photos as they like.

Press Pose& Print Photo Booths, an open-air photo booth company, has serviced many wedding events in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia and also offer additional features, such as memory books, which have become quite popular.  A small table is provided for the memory book as well as an on-site photo booth attendant.  The attendant will be on-hand to assist throughout the rental as guests take pictures in the photo booth and glue the duplicate picture into the memory book.  At the end of the event the newlyweds will receive the memory book filled with pictures and special messages from their guests - a memory to be cherished a lifetime.
Press Pose & Print Photo Booths is now scheduling reservations for this coming wedding season.  What are some other ways you can enhance your photo booth rental?


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