Thursday, December 5, 2013

Are Memory Books Worthwhile At Wedding Receptions?

Memory books, sometimes called memory albums, have become quite popular at wedding receptions.  But are they really worth it?

Photo booths continue to be a popular feature at many wedding receptions.  There are a variety of photo booth rental enhancements to make the photo booth experience more fun and enjoyable. One of the best ways to capture incredible memories is including a memory book with your photo booth rental.  

What is a memory book?  It is a collection of photo strips that are taken in the photo booth by the bride and groom's guests.  The guests get to keep a photo strip as an unforgettable wedding favor and a duplicate photo strip goes to the bride and grooms’ memory book.  The guests can even choose to write a special message to the newlyweds in the memory book.  

Why is the memory book such a great feature to have?  The wedding day goes by so quickly it will be hard to capture all of the memories from the day without forgetting some of the details.  In other words, once the wedding reception is over the newlyweds are left with just a memory.  Memory books are a great way to remember specific moments at the event. Years later when pulling out the memory book, it will put a big smile on the faces of everyone going through it.

Also, memory books can take the place of a guest sign in book.  Sign-in books let the bride and groom know who attended their wedding and/or reception.  A memory book can accomplish the same thing, but in a much more exciting and memorable way.

How will the memory book be managed during the reception?   Putting the book together is fun and easy.  It's always best to have someone present to manage the memory book area which would involve assisting the guests with placement of the photo strip in the memory book and ensuring adequate supplies (glue or double-sided sticky tape, memory book pages, and pens, etc.)  are available for the guests to use.  Often times the photo booth rental company will have someone present to fulfill this role.   

A wedding memory book makes a wonderful gift for the bride & groom.  At the end of the wedding reception the newlyweds will receive the memory book filled with pictures and special messages from their guests - a memory to be cherished a lifetime.  Have you or someone you know ever had a memory book at their event?

Saturday, November 23, 2013

How to Be More Photogenic In a Photo Booth

Everyone loves to have fun in a photo booth. Admittedly, there are many challenges to taking fantastic pictures in the photo booth, however, we at PressPose & Print Photo Booths, have a few simple techniques that can help anyone be more photogenic in their photo booth pictures.

TIP #1: Turn Away

No doubt everyone has a feature or two that they do not like about themselves.  Be confident and recognize that these features are what make each individual unique. As a quick fix to taking photogenic pictures with your least favorite features we recommend that you play them down simply by turning this area away from the camera.

TIP #2: Work Your Assets

Just like everyone has features that they don’t like about themselves, many people have features that they absolutely love. Maybe long dark eyelashes, perfectly arched eyebrows, or even a well-placed beauty mark. These are the features that should be pointed toward the camera.

TIP #3: Tilt Your Face
If you have a fuller face that you want to appear slimmer, tilt your face slightly to the side to help slim down the face.
TIP #4: Lean In
Most photogenic people will lean toward the camera head first to give the illusion of a lean body.
These four tips, if followed, will help you produce more photogenic pictures in the photo booth.  For more information on photo booth rentals, please visit

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Capture Precious Moments At Your Wedding By Renting An Open Air Photo Booth

Photo booth rentals continue to be a hot trend at wedding receptions and are continuing to increase in popularity.  What is an advantage of having an open-air photo booth at your wedding reception?  What are some add-ons that can enhance the rental?  Read on.

Many brides and grooms rent photo booths to add a unique, memorable flair to their special day.  Open air photo booths occupy less space than traditional photo booths, which makes it possible for them to be used virtually anywhere--all without compromising the quality of the photos.

Renting a photo booth is surprisingly very affordable, more affordable than most people think.  Typically wedding receptions are around 4 hours long but a photo booth may only be needed for a span of 2 hours, depending on the number of guests.  When properly planned, a 2-hour photo booth rental fits nicely in the wedding reception timeline, especially if the wedding reception has 150 guests or less. Setup and break down of the photo booth should not interfere with or detract from the wedding reception.  Setup of an open air photo booth generally takes less than an hour and breakdown is equally as fast. Often times, there is no additional charge for setup or breakdown.

Guests can take as many photos as they wish, with the choice of black & white or color photos.  And everyone in the photo can walk away with a copy of the print.  Not only do guests get to walk away with their picture that night, but the newlyweds have the option of purchasing a thumb drive or an online photo gallery, which will allow the pictures to be viewed via computer.  That way the couple and/or their guests can print out as many copies of their favorite photos as they like.

Press Pose& Print Photo Booths, an open-air photo booth company, has serviced many wedding events in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia and also offer additional features, such as memory books, which have become quite popular.  A small table is provided for the memory book as well as an on-site photo booth attendant.  The attendant will be on-hand to assist throughout the rental as guests take pictures in the photo booth and glue the duplicate picture into the memory book.  At the end of the event the newlyweds will receive the memory book filled with pictures and special messages from their guests - a memory to be cherished a lifetime.
Press Pose & Print Photo Booths is now scheduling reservations for this coming wedding season.  What are some other ways you can enhance your photo booth rental?

Monday, November 11, 2013

How Does an Open Air Photo Booth Work?

What is an open air photo booth and how does it work? The best solution for photography fun and all your questions answered here!

Open Air Photo Booth Set Up
Open air photo booths are perfect for any kind of event if you’re looking for something different than a traditional photo booth. With its open, stand-alone style, up to 10 guests can fit in one picture and doesn’t take up as much of your event space.
The camera lens sits right above the LED monitor so the guests can see themselves as they experiment with different poses.  When they are ready the photo booth attendant pushes either the color or black & white button, guests hold their pose while the monitor counts down to take the first picture and then the guests watch a real-time view as the pictures are taken.  Seconds later the photos print out for your guests to take home.
Features include:
Studio quality high-speed sub dye photo printer
Up to 10 people can be in the photo
Guests see themselves on a 20" flat panel LED monitor
One touch button to operate the photo booth
Camera features TrueColor technology
Choose between color & black and white photos
Custom photo layout options
Take your photo in front of one of several backdrop options
Guests can also spice things up with different backdrops and even photo booth props for fun. Press, Pose & Print Photo Booths can also customize the background for certain events with their green screen technology: corporate gatherings or conferences, bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, quinceaneras, retirement parties, you name it.
Questions? Comment below and we’ll be happy to answer!


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Three Tips On Getting the Most Out of Your Photo Booth Rental

Photo booths continue to be popular at all kinds of events and celebrations, and who doesn’t love taking pictures in a photo booth? So here are the top three ways that you can maximize your photo booth experience.

TIP #1: Stand close to the camera, but not too close. Standing close to the camera will fill up the frame for close-up, more detailed pictures. However, being too close may cause the pictures to be blurry or distorted. Usually the photo booth attendant will mark a spot on the floor, between the backdrop and camera, indicating the ideal spot to stand before taking the picture. Be sure to take note of this spot and stay as close as possible to the area indicated for the perfect picture.

TIP #2: Strike a pose. The photo booth is set up to take several pictures back-to-back with only a few seconds in between each picture. Most people like to be spontaneous and make silly faces and spur-of- the-moment poses, which is perfectly fine, however, it is recommended that you strike a pose and hold it as the countdown nears the last few seconds before the picture is taken. This will prevent the pictures from coming out blurry.

Also, if using props, it is best to have them pre-selected before entering into the photo booth. Once the start button has been pushed, the photo booth begins taking pictures nonstop until the photo session is completed, leaving very little time to enter and exit the booth before the next picture is snapped. Rental of a photo booth from Press Pose & Print Photo Booths includes an on-site attendant who will happily assist with quick prop changes as necessary so you can strike the perfect pose with the perfect prop.

TIP #3: Have Fun: The whole purpose of having an open-air photo booth at an event is for the guests to have fun, so don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. If you feel the urge to make a silly face, don’t be shy, make it.  Guests not in the photo booth are drawn in by watching the fun and exciting poses of those in front of the camera and encourages others to be just as spontaneous. Spontaneous pictures make fabulous keepsakes for years to come.

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